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What Does a Wedding Coordinator Do?

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

I often see people asking “What does a wedding coordinator even do?”, they are being told they need one, but are unfamiliar with what the duties of a coordinator even are. Here are 5 things that a wedding coordinator will do for you.

1. They will “Check Your Work”. I had a client recently use this to describe how I worked with her leading up to her wedding day. Basically, in the months leading up to her wedding I was going over all final details with her and making sure nothing had fallen through the cracks. This is exactly what your coordinator should do for you; we comb through all the details to make sure that everything needed on wedding day will be there and that no aspect has been forgotten.

2. They will take over vendor communication. As your wedding day draws closer you will get busier. Guests may be coming into town, there are parties to attend, your normal life is still happening, and you probably are tired of chatting with vendors about the logistical points of your wedding day. Your coordinator should take this over for you. I personally love seeing the looks of relief on my client’s faces when I tell them that I will be handling vendor communication from here till the end of the wedding.

3. They will build your timeline. The timeline is the master document of the wedding day and dictates how your day will flow. It needs to be rigid enough to ensure everything will get done in your allotted rental times but also flexible enough that if something needs to be shifted a little it is easy to do. Your coordinator should be an expert in all things timeline, they should be able to ask you how you want your day to flow and build a timeline that will reflect your vision but also accounts for functionality and practicality.

4. They oversee everything on wedding day. Your coordinator will be the one who orchestrates the entire wedding day. They will oversee everything from set up to tear down. They will be the onsite contact for all vendors. They will make sure everyone is in place for the ceremony, and that all reception activities happen when and how they are supposed to. They will troubleshoot any issues that may come up. In essence they handle all the behind-the-scenes aspects so that you and your guests can just enjoy the show.

5. They are your advocate. When you hire a coordinator, it is their job to make sure your wedding day goes off just the way you envisioned it. They are there to make your life easier. They represent you and implement the plan you decided on during those pre-wedding planning calls. Have a family member who wants to steam roll in and change plans on wedding day? Your coordinator is the one who will shut that down (in a nice way). Have a vendor who wants to go rogue and do their own thing? Your coordinator will keep them on track.

A wedding coordinator takes the pressure of making your wedding day flow smoothly off your shoulders. They make it possible for you to enjoy your wedding day because you will not be worrying about “what is coming next” you will simply be enjoying each moment as it comes.

To learn more about the functions of a wedding coordinator check out: Do I Need a Wedding Planner or Coordinator.

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