Vintage Styled Shoot

Updated: Aug 30

In December I got to participate in a mini styled shoot with Nashville wedding photographer, Amanda Law Photography. We had the opportunity to photograph some beautiful tablescapes featuring mismatched China provided by The Wedding Plate. We were also able to feature a menu provided by Weddings by AMi. Our theme was vintage romance and we showcased two color schemes: Blush Pink/Gold, and White/Gold.

For the blush pink/gold color scheme we matched white gold trimmed dinner plates with vintage patterned saucers. We paired the plates with blush goblets and gold flatware. The table was adorned with vintage lanterns, and blush sweetheart rose floral arrangements. This look was meant to highlight the vintage nature of china patterns in a sweet and romantic way.

For the white/gold color scheme we used white gold trimmed dinner plates and saucers. We paired the plates with vintage gold trimmed champagne glasses and gold flatware. The table was adorned with vintage oil lanterns, a lemon leaf garland, white carnations, and pinecones. We envisioned this look to be minimalistic with clean lines and pops of gold.

Along with the tablescapes we took photos showcasing a memory table, and a bridal jewelry set. The memory table showcased vintage wedding photographs. Personally, I think that a memory table is a great way to remember loved ones who may not be able to attend the wedding. The bridal jewelry set showcased vintage pearls and was absolutely stunning.

This styled shoot was a wonderful experience it was great to work with Amanda (Amanda Law Photography) as well as Lisa (The Wedding Plate), and Katherine (Weddings by Ami). We were able to bring together a beautiful shoot showcasing lovely vintage elements that bring a heightened romantic feel to any wedding.

Please check out our Gallery for additional photos from the shoot!

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