Unity Rituals You Can Incorporate Into Your Ceremony

Updated: Aug 31

Looking for a way to personalize your wedding ceremony and signify the beautiful commitment you are making to your significant other? Here are five unity rituals you can incorporate into your special day!

1. Handfasting: An ancient Celtic tradition where a cord or ribbon is wrapped around the couple’s hands and tied into a knot. Handfasting is a literal representation of tying the knot. Personalization of this ritual is endless and couples can keep their cords or ribbons as a keepsake.

2. God’s Knot: Stemming from the Bible verse stating “A cord of three strands is not easily broken”; this ritual takes three cords (representing the groom, bride, and God) and braids them together. Also sometimes called the “Cord of Three Strands” ceremony this ritual symbolizes the couple uniting together with God in the middle.

3. Unity Puzzle: Perfect for blending families; this ritual involves assembling a puzzle at the altar that represents two families becoming one. This ritual highlights the importance of each family member and how they are not complete until all the pieces fit together. The puzzle could be a photo, names of the couple and their children, or something sentimental to the family.

4. Seal a Time Capsule: Write love letters to each other and seal them in a time capsule to be opened and read (for the first time) at a milestone anniversary. You can also include mementos from your engagement or dating period or the vows you say to each other on wedding day.

5. Unity Tree: Plant a tree (or other type of plant if you prefer) to symbolize “putting down roots”. Use dirt from places that are sentimental to you as a couple; perhaps your childhood homes, or where you first met. After the wedding take your tree home and plant it in your backyard as a reminder of your new life together.

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