Unique Wedding Guestbook Ideas

This wedding season was so fun and full of unique guest book ideas. Here is a list of my favorites to help inspire you while planning your wedding.

1. Guestbook Globe: Do you have an affinity for travel? Have your guests sign a globe to inspire your next set of travel for years to come. This guestbook will make a beautiful addition to your home décor; allowing you to look back on all your friends and family who came to celebrate your wedding day with you.

2. Vinyl Record Guestbook: Let your love of music show through your guestbook! Mount a copy of your favorite vinyl record and have guests sign around it. This guest book will double as beautiful wall décor in your home for years to come.

3. Pumpkin Guestbook: Having a fall wedding? Play up your theme by having guests sign a monogrammed pumpkin. This guestbook will also make beautiful seasonal décor for your home.

4. Photo Guest Book: Looking a for a guestbook that can double as a photo album? Consider creating a photobook of you and your fiancé and have guests sign around the pictures. Guests will love flipping through the pages looking at your love story in photo.

Whatever style of guestbook you choose for your wedding day; remember it is the names of family and friends who attended your wedding that make it truly special.

Happy Planning!

Photo Credits:

Globe - Melina Masse Photography

Vinyl - Elle May Photography

Pumpkin - Alexis Edwards Photography

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