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Wedding Planning Tips — How to Make Your Wedding Day Run Smooth

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

I always tell my couples that the wedding day goes by super quick; it is almost like time speeds up on wedding day. The last thing you want is a rocky wedding where anything and everything is going wrong. Here are 6 tips to ensure your wedding day runs smooth.

1. Do not leave any projects to be completed “the morning of”. Under no circumstance should you be completing anything on your “to-do list” the morning of your wedding. There is no time for you to be constructing a seating chart, wrapping up a bouquet, or even steaming your dress. Get everything done in advance.

2. Organize your décor. We all want setup to be a breeze on wedding day and the best way to make that happen is to organize your décor. Divide up your décor into categories (ceremony, guest tables, gift table, cake table, etc.) and place it all in labeled boxes. Create a list of everything and check it off as it gets placed into its respective box. This will ensure that you have not forgotten anything and that it ends up where it is supposed to be on wedding day.

3. Decide who is delivering and taking away your décor ahead of time. These are questions I always ask my clients long before wedding day arrives. While it may seem simple, it is important to know who will be bringing your décor to the venue and taking it all away at the end of the night. Worst case scenario, if you do not designate someone to do this (especially for the end of the reception) you could end up with extra/late charges from the venue because your items were left behind or everyone was not off site at the proper time due to waiting for someone to come back.

4. Give yourself plenty of time before the ceremony. Everything will take longer than you think it will; hair/makeup, getting your dress on, pre-ceremony photos, driving to the venue (always allow extra time for road closures or accidents) all take more time than you may realize. You do not want to feel rushed leading up to your ceremony or run out of time and not get everything you want done. Build your timeline with plenty of cushion; I love when my clients are able to literally just sit and relax for at least 30 minutes before their ceremony.

5. Have everyone who is part of the ceremony come to rehearsal. I am a huge fan of the wedding rehearsal; it is when I go over important wedding day information such as where and when to gather on wedding day, where to go after the ceremony, and any alternative rain plans. Everyone who is part of the ceremony should attend rehearsal, that way on wedding day everyone already knows the plan and is ready to go.

6. Tell family members who will be in formal photos ahead of time. Planning on doing all family photos before the ceremony? Tell those family members what time to arrive at the venue. Taking family photos after the ceremony? Make sure you inform those family members to stay seated when everyone is dismissed to cocktail hour. You don’t want to have to track down “Uncle Joe” in the middle of photos because he didn’t know that he needed to stay at the ceremony location.

At the end of the day will your wedding run exactly to plan? Simply put, no it will not; but by using these tips you can make your wedding day run much more smoothly with minimal hiccups.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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