Tips for Newly Engaged Couples

So, you are newly engaged; CONGRATULATIONS! By now you are probably wondering “Where do I go from here?” “How do I even begin the planning process?”. Below are seven tips to get you started and have a positive planning experience.

1. Enjoy the moment! Getting engaged is such an exciting time, so first things first take a step back and just soak in the moment. The engagement period is a busy time. Before you jump into full planning mode reflect on the things that truly matter; you and your fiancée getting ready to embark on the greatest adventure that will last a lifetime!

2. Answer the following basic questions: Budget, Guest Count, Preferred Date, and Theme/Color Scheme. No other piece of planning can take place without the answers to these questions. Before even looking at a venue or vendor it is imperative that you know and are committed to the answers to these questions. Being engaged is exciting; it is easy to get swept away with all the options for venues and vendors. To keep things from getting out of hand know your fundamental information first.

3. Communicate with your partner BEFORE diving deep into planning. Discuss both of your needs and desires for how you want the wedding to be. If you are finding that your visions for the wedding are completely different find areas where compromises can be made so that the day will reflect both of your personalities. Create a clear vision so that you can be united in the planning process.

4. Set aside a specific time each week to complete a task. Just because you got engaged doesn’t mean everything else in your life comes to a screeching halt. It can be daunting to think about how you will juggle everything and stay on track. By setting aside a specific time each week to work on wedding planning keeps wedding planning from taking over your life.

5. Get organized! There are so many components to wedding planning and so many decisions that have to be made. A checklist and planning timeline are key to making sure nothing gets overlooked or forgotten. These can be found all over the internet; some are better than others but even the most basic one can provide you with a jumping off point to staying on task and organized. You can customize these lists to fit your specific needs.

6. Delegate! If family or friends want to be involved ask them to conduct vendor research or gather décor ideas. The most time-consuming aspect of wedding planning is the research not the literal decision making.

7. Book your venue first. By booking your venue first you will lock in your official wedding date and location. All other vendors will need to know this information so that they can inform you if they are available on your wedding date and if it is in their service area. It will be easier for a vendor to give you a quote if they know the true date of the wedding and where it is going to be.

By following these seven tips you will set yourself up to have wonderful and less stressful wedding planning experience. Now get out there and get planning!

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