Three Reasons You Need a Wedding Coordinator

Debating whether or not you should hire a wedding coordinator? Read on to see three reasons why you should.

1. They will lead the day. It is not a question of if your wedding day needs a leader; it is a question of who will be the leader. Someone has to organize vendor arrivals, oversee set up/tear down, execute the timeline, troubleshoot any issues, and take care of everything else that goes into making a wedding day beautiful. You do not want these responsibilities to fall on yourself or a family member. After spending months planning the wedding of your dreams you deserve to enjoy it. By hiring a coordinator, they can be the leader your wedding day needs; and free you up to sit back and enjoy.

2. They will be your advocate. Have unruly family members trying to steal your day? Your coordinator works for you; and therefore, will advocate for you. Your coordinator will go over all wedding day details prior to the wedding day with you. They understand your day inside and out; and will not derail from your wishes. It is your day and we will make sure it stays that way.

3. They have done this before. Have questions about how the reception should flow? Wondering how to structure your processional? Unsure how to build your timeline? Your coordinator will know the answers to these questions and more! Wedding coordinators handle multiple weddings a year. They have truly seen it all, and can help you plan your wedding just the way you have envisioned it.

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