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Should You Have a First Look?

Are you torn on if you should do a first look or not on your wedding day? Here are 4 things to consider when making your decision.

1) Will it bother you if your partner sees you before you the ceremony? While this question may seem simple it is important. For some brides it is very important to them that their partner sees them for the first time on wedding day when they are coming down the aisle. I was one of these brides. I loved the idea that my soon to be husband would see me for the first time in my dress as I was walking down the aisle. However, for some brides this is not something that they are worried about and having their partner see them ahead of time may even be preferable. By having a first look you get a few moments alone together before the festivities really get going.

2) By having a first look you can get more photos done before the ceremony. No matter what you will be able to get many photos complete before your wedding ceremony. However, if you opt for a first look you can get all photos of the entire wedding party complete before you say “I Do”, and just have family photos to complete after the ceremony. By having a first look you can get all those fun group shots complete and not have to worry about them after the ceremony. This may be helpful to you if you have a lot of family photos to get through. Also getting more photos complete before the ceremony opens up your timeline to get your reception started sooner.

3) Your first look can be anywhere. Is there a space at your venue you just love? Does the idea of using it for something as special as your first look get you excited? By opting for a first look you can have this extra special space be the backdrop to your partner seeing you for the first time on wedding day.

4) Does your partner have a preference? Don’t forget you aren’t the only one getting married; ask your partner how he feels about a first look. While he may have no preference at all he may also have strong opinions about it. Include him in this decision and find a solution that works for both of you.

Whether or not to have a first look can seem like a difficult decision, but by considering these 4 factors the decision can be a little easier. Talk it over with your partner and see what works best for your special day. Don’t let your photographer or even your coordinator force you into doing it their way. While they have valuable opinions, at the end of the day it is your wedding day and your vendors are there to facilitate you.

Happy Planning!

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