Pre-Processional vs Processional Who Goes Where?

So, your wedding plans are almost complete and you are in the process of determining who is going to walk in the pre-processional and the processional. Feeling unsure about who to put where? Please read on for a quick reference guide to the pre-processional and processional.

The pre-processional is the time in the ceremony where honored family members and guests walk down the aisle and take their seats. These guests usually sit in the first and second rows. Anyone can be in your pre-processional, but typically it includes grandparents, and the groom’s parents.

The processional is the time in the ceremony where the wedding party walks down the aisle to take their places. The processional kicks off with the mother of the bride, and includes the groom, groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower girls, ring bearers, father of the bride, and the bride. Some couples also choose to include their officiant in the processional. Even if you do not want the officiant walking down the aisle you will need to decide when you want him to take his place at the altar.

You can structure the processional however you would like. Some couples prefer that the groom does not walk down the aisle but enters from the side with his groomsmen and best man. Some couples have the bridesmaids and groomsmen walk down the aisle coupled off. While others will have them walk individually. Keep in mind that no wedding is the same and no wedding party is the same. Structure your ceremony to fit your needs and the members of your wedding party. Below is an example of how to structure your pre-processional and processional:


1. Abe/Joann – Groom’s Grandparents

2. Bill/Ashley – Bride’s Grandparents

3. Jack/Lisa – Groom’s Parents

*Officiant takes place*


1. Jackie (escorted by son Nate) – Bride’s Mother

2. Steven – Groom

3. Jeff/Kasie – Groomsmen/Bridesmaid

4. Kent/Hilary – Groomsmen/Bridesmaid

5. Luke/Gail – Best Man/Maid of Honor

6. Will/Paula – Ring Bearer/Flower Girl

7. Jennifer/Jed – Bride/Bride’s Father

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