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Non Floral Centerpiece Ideas

Are you a Bride who does not want floral centerpieces at her wedding? Perhaps they are not in the budget, or you simply want to do something more unique. Here are some alternative ideas you are sure to love.

1. Candles: Candlelight gives off such a romantic feel; which is perfect for a wedding. Whether you opt for a statement piece like a candelabra, mismatched votives, floating candles, or even lanterns; the options are endless. Candles make a beautiful centerpiece and can fit into any budget.

2. Books: Are you and your fiancée book lovers or simply going for a vintage feel? Stacked books (vintage or not) make wonderful centerpieces. Use different sizes and bindings to create dimension. Take it one step farther and swap out table numbers for your favorite book titles!

3. Antiques: Want your theme give off vintage vibes? Consider using mismatched antiques as your centerpieces. Clocks, figurines, glassware, even jewelry will give off that vintage look you have been dreaming of. Consider making it personal by featuring items that belong to family members.

4. Twinkle/Fairy Lighting: Does your venue not allow candles, but you still want to emulate that soft romantic glow? Consider using twinkle lighting as an alternative. Jars, votives, wine bottles and lanterns all look lovely with twinkle lighting coiled inside or around them.

5. Dessert: Not planning on a formal wedding cake? Have dessert for your guests already waiting for them working double duty as their centerpiece. Consider a bouquet of cupcakes, or a tiered serving tray filled with your favorite sweet treats.

6. Photos: Make your reception that much more personal. Have your centerpiece feature a photo of you and your fiancée. Get creative and make a hanging collage of your favorite moments together.

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