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Barn at Sycamore Farms Spring Wedding | Arrington TN

This Spring I had the pleasure of coordinating my first wedding at the always lovely Barn at Sycamore Farms in Arrington, TN. A misty morning cleared to a beautiful afternoon and ultimately a wonderful wedding day. Allison and Blake's wedding was sprinkled with color; and after a season of monochromatic, muted tones it was truly a welcome change. Pinks, purples, blues, and yellows adorned the florals for this wedding and matched beautifully with the light sage green bridesmaid dresses and blue suits for the groomsmen.

wedding party at the barn at sycamore farms

Despite concerns that it would be too wet for the initially planned outdoor ceremony (it was light rain/mist until about 1.5 hours before ceremony), we were able to dry everything up and proceed with the island location ceremony. One of my favorite parts of this ceremony was the music selections. Straying from classical music this couple opted for music score from some of their favorite movies. Songs from Star Wars and Indiana Jones both made the list.

island wedding ceremony at barn at sycamore farms

After a short but sweet ceremony (personal vows included) guests were invited to cocktail hour under the Sycamore Veranda while the couple took photos. The couple did not want a traditional wedding reception, but instead wanted it to be a more free form affair. So, after the first dance and toasts the dining stations and dancefloor were open and guests were free to mix and mingle for the duration of the evening.

The reception ended with a streamer sendoff (a first for me and my team), which made for some hilarious photos as the couple ended up being entrapped by all the streamers.

streamer sendoff at barn at sycamore farms

couple kissing during streamer sendoff

Allison and Blake's wedding was lovely with so many personal touches. From handmade (by the Bride) sugar cookies, a death star themed Groom's cake, millennium falcon cufflinks, and their beloved dog participating in the ceremony; it was a unique and memorable day.

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