Want a smooth and easy wedding day but unsure how to make it happen?

You have been busy planning your wedding for months. As you reach the finish line and the big day approaches are you being weighed down with concerns such as:

  • “Am I forgetting anything?”

  • “How do I build a timeline?”

  • “Who is going to set up and tear down?”

  • “Who will oversee my vendors?”

  • “I want myself and my family to be able to relax and enjoy; who will coordinate everything and everyone?”


The last thing you want to be doing on YOUR wedding day is worrying about if the caterers arrive on time, or if your décor is being set up the way you envisioned it.



You wanted to plan your wedding and you did - Congratulations!

Now it is time to pass your plans off to a professional who will bring it all together and orchestrate a worry free wedding day.

Fun fact: You can’t run your wedding day yourself and actually experience it.

"I would recommend Danielle to anyone who is looking for someone to coordinate their wedding! She made sure everything was perfect on my day and kept me in the loop with what was going on. She is also so sweet!!"

-Kayla (Married 10/17/20)


Introducing Wedding Management

In the final 2 months before your wedding, we will hammer out final details, organize all the pieces of your wedding so they flow together, and orchestrate a smooth, easy wedding day.


What's Included:


  • Three personal consultations including a site visit to your venue. Let’s talk about your wedding and walk the space where it will all take place! We will determine your layout, discuss logistical concerns, and ensure that everything will look the way YOU want it.

  • Timeline creation. This is YOUR day; I will build a timeline that will make each element of the wedding flow right into the next.

  • Coordinate the ceremony, the reception, and EVERYTHING in between. No need to worry; I will know your wedding day details inside and out to ensure an easy, relaxing day. With the help of an assistant I will ensure everything runs smooth, and will be on site as long as necessary; you get my undivided attention the entire day.

  • Oversee setup and breakdown. We will ensure that your day is looking absolutely beautiful; and at the end of the night, we will make sure everything is put back to the venue’s specifications and that your personal items are not lost.

  • A professional. Good news! I have done this before. When you book Grace Events you are booking me and my expertise. You get unlimited access to me, my organizational brain, and my experience. I will be your contact the entire time and I will be the leader your wedding day needs.

Wedding Management starts at $1000.

On wedding day myself and an assistant will be on site to ensure everything runs smooth.

Your wedding is one of the biggest moments of your life.

Hiring me to coordinate your wedding will make it possible for you and your family to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Everything will be planned to a "T" so you do not have to worry about anything.


You can have the smooth, easy wedding day you have been dreaming about.


"Danielle and the entire Grace Events team were phenomenal. Highly organized with perfect execution on the timings that occurred during the wedding. Couldn't have done it without you Danielle."


-Jack and April (Married 10/31/20)