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Updated: Aug 31

This past weekend I had the privilege to be the Day-Of Coordinator for couple’s backyard wedding. It was a stunning and unique occasion. The sunset ceremony took place in front of a pond at an altar custom built by the couple. Guests sat on hay bales and watched as the wedding party walked down a lantern lit aisle. The ceremony ended on a festive note as the DJ played a custom mix specially requested by the couple and the wedding party danced down the aisle with bubbles floating into the air.

The vibe of the reception was that of a rustic backyard cookout. There were lawn games, a firepit complete with smores, lights hanging from the trees, porch swings, and even a hot dog stand. The mood was lighthearted and everyone had a wonderful time.

All the decorations had been created by the couple. Their personality was stamped all over the ceremony and reception. The couple had three guest book options: one took the form of a guitar, the second was scrapbook pages for guests to leave personal notes on, and the third was wooden hearts that the guests could write on and then drop into a box where all could be displayed for years to come. One area of the reception I loved the most was the memory tree the couple set up to honor loved ones who had passed. It was a large tree with lights hanging from the branches and wrapped around the trunk. There were picture frames laid around the base of the tree and larger ones hung from branches. It was absolutely beautiful.

Throughout the whole evening you could feel the love the couple had for one another, and how genuinely happy the guests were to be celebrating such a lovely occasion. I am glad that I was able to be a part of this special day.

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